David A. Kenny
March 27, 2017


DyadR programs written for dyadic data analysis using R. Currently all of the programs are apps written using Rstudio's shiny interface. These free apps require accessing a web address and R need not be installed. Because R is opensource and I invite others to help me extend and improve DyadR. So far, several persons have volunteered, and others can join me. The programs are of two types: Dyad Data Restructuring and Dyad Data Analysis.

RESTRUCTURING: The dyad restructuring programs, written with Thomas Ledermann, are three separate programs: ItoD, ItoP and DtoP. Click here to go to the webpage describing these web-based apps. (These programs are also available in R here.) Two of the three programs provide a fair amount of descriptive detail about the dataset.

DYADIC ANALYSIS: There are currently eight dyad-analysis apps and one power app. Click here to go to the webpage describing these web-based apps. For some of these programs figures are outputted and the user can download in docx, html, or pdf format a report that contains all of the results.

All of there programs are very much in development and there are likely bugs and errors. Results should be carefully checked and errors or suggestions should be sent to David A. Kenny.

One can also download dyadr R programs and functions written by Randi L. Garcia at github.

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