July 21, 2014

Chapter 5


In Figure 5.1 on page 108, the two paths from latent life satisfaction to satisfaction in marriage should be the number one, as satisfaction in marriage is the marker variable for the latent variable of life satisfaction, and not an "el."  Thanks are due to Laura Luchies.


None so far.


It is possible to test for indistinguishability using MLM. Click here to download a document that describes how to do this.

Although multilevel modeling (MLM) and structural equation modeling (SEM) approaches are virtually equivalent, there is one advantage of SEM pointed out by Joseph Olsen.  It is that SEM allows for missing data in the exogenous variables, whereas in MLM those cases would be eliminated.

Data and Files

The o&k.xls (click to download) can be helpful in computing the adjustment for the I-Sat model (see pp. 111-114).

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