Hallmark & Kenny (FORMAT, #21) Reference: Kenny, D. A., Albright, L., Malloy, T. E., & Kashy, D. A. (1994). Consensus in interpersonal perception: Acquaintance and the big five. Psychological Bulletin, 116, 245-258. Subjects: University of Connecticut college students Gender composition: mixed Setting: question and answer (standard questions asked by an experimenter Acquaintance: first meeting Design: round robin Date of data collection: fall 1988 Number of subjects: 163 Number of dyads: 365 Number of groups: 30 Number per group: 5 or 6 Dyadic variables: trait ratings, liking List: calm-anxious (IV), sociable-withdrawn (I), like-do not like, careful-careless (III), relaxed-tense (IV), talkative-quiet (I), responsible-undependable (III) Unit of measurement: unnumbered seven-point scales; higher numbers more of the trait Personality variables: gender and age Self variables: none Missing data: none Other: Two conditions: first 15 groups: person format, rate all the traits for a person at a time last 15 groups: trait format, rate all the people for each trait -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORMAT General information: one record per rater, variables fastest moving RECORD 1: col 1-2 group number (1-30; odd person format, even trait format) col 4 subject number (1-6) col 6 gender (1=F; 2=M) col 8-9 age in years col 11-57 ratings in blocks of seven of calm, sociable, like, careful, relaxed, talkative, responsible col 11-17 ratings for target 1 col 19-25 ratings for target 2 col 27-33 ratings for target 3 col 35-41 ratings for target 4 col 43-49 ratings for target 5 col 51-57 ratings for target 6 (if necessary)