Albright, Kenny, & Malloy (ZERO #46) Reference: Albright, L., Kenny, D. A., & Malloy, T. E. (1987). Consensus in personality judgments at zero acquaintance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 55, 387-395. Study 3 Subjects: Undergraduates at the University of Connecticut and Rhode Island College. Subjects from the last 11 groups are from RIC. Gender composition: mixed Setting: classroom Acquaintance: zero Design: round robin Date of data collection: January 1987 (three groups), September 1987 Number of subjects: 169 Number of dyads: 318 Number of groups: 36 (4 classes combined: 9, 8, 8, and 11) Number per group: 4 to 6 Dyadic variables: trait ratings, physical appearance List: sociable, good-natured, responsible, calm, intellectual, imaginative, talkative, fussy, composed, cooperative, physically attractive, formal dress, neatly dress, athletic, young Unit of measurement: numbered seven-point scales; larger numbers more of the trait Personality variables: gender and age Self variables: yes Missing data: very little, mode substituted -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORMAT General information: dyad input with a personality variable record first RECORD 1: col 1-2 group number: four studies combined col 3 actor number (1-6) col 5 gender (1 = M; 2 = F) col 7-8 age in years RECORD 2 through n+1 (n being the number in the group): col 1-2 group number: three studies combined col 3 actor number (1-6) col 4 partner number (1-6) col 6 sociable-reclusive col 7 good-natured-irritable col 8 responsible-undependable col 9 calm-anxious col 10 intellectual-unintellectual col 11 imaginative-unimaginative col 12 talkative-silent col 13 fussy-careless col 14 composed-excitable col 15 cooperative-negativistic col 16 physically attractive-unattractive col 17 formal dress-casual dress col 18 neatly dressed-sloppy dress col 19 athletic-not athletic col 20 young-old