David A. Kenny
December 7, 2011

Humor Columns for the IARR Newsletter

This page contains the links to columns I have written for the International Association of Relationship Researchers . It has been a lot of fun over the last ten years. The column allowed me to write about Angelina Jolie and the Spice Girls and gives me an excuse to read People magazine! I thank my friend Kathy Carnelley for first asking me to do this. Thanks also to the editors who followed her (Susan Boon, Lesley Verhofstadt, and Marian Morrey) who allowed me to publish my silly musings. Thanks are also due to my students (Danielle Popp, Tessa West, Amanda Snook, and Randi Garcia) who were conscripted into giving me comments and my wife Marina Julian who gave me comments and ideas for columns.

Some of what I have written may be considered offensive. So if you offend easily, please do not read. You might notice that many of these columns make more fun of me than of others.

All of the columns

Fall 2001                                                                Spring 2002
Help in Writing a Journal Review                         Relationship Advice

Fall 2002                                                                Spring 2003
Relationship Film Festival                                     "The Causal Nexus between Relationship
                                                                               Dissolution and Psychopathological
                                                                               Symptomatology" or "I Just Can't Sleep
                                                                               after My Divorce"

Fall 2003                                                                 Spring 2004
Reading between the Lines                                    The Love Meter

Fall 2004                                                                  Spring 2005
RelNet                                                                      Faculty Only

Fall 2005                                                                   Spring 2006
Foreign Affairs                                                         Angelina and Brad

Fall 2006
The Social Psychology Tribe of Relationship

Spring 2008                                                              Spring 2010
Understudied Relationships                                    Eldrick & Elin (with apologies to Anni-Frid,
                                                                                  Björn, Benny, and Agnetha)

Fall 2010                                                                     Spring 2011
Honey, what did you do at work today?                   May I “Zuckerberg” You?

Fall 2011
The Story of Co

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