David A. Kenny
August 5, 2004
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Typos and Clarifications

Please send me more if you find them. Some have been fixed in subsequent printings.
Chapter 1
        Tom Knapp pointed out that we should have cited a more recent paper by Levin (American Statistician, 1993, 47, 24-26) that illustrates the concept of regression toward the mean.

        Tom Knapp pointed out that on page 12, we say that "we believe that we are the first to feature it  [a pair-link diagram] as an alternative to a scatter plot".  It was actually used by Stanley in his 1964 textbook, Measurement in Today's Schools (see his Figure 3-11, p. 96).

Chapter 2
         Eric Lundquist and Jay Thomas pointed out that the Z score formulas have X and Y in the wrong formulas on page 25.
Chapter 3
            The proper spelling is Cal Ripken Jr. on page 42.

            On pages 49-50, we discuss various probabilities of persons who score two or more standard deviations above the mean.  We determined those probabilitys by computer simulation.  The text seems to imply a formula for those probabilities.  If there is such a formula, I do not know it.

Chapter 5
            The warning on page 85 is wrong. The terms "smaller" and "larger" should be reversed. Thanks to Feifei Ye for pointing out this very embarassing error.
Chapter 6
            The bottom formula on page 88 has a serious typo.  Before the last term in the denominator, there should be a minus not a plus sign.  So it should read - 2rs(x)s(y) where (x) means subscripted.  Thanks to my colleague Irv Kirsch for alterting me to this.
Chapter 8
         It might have helped to say that the expected change in means over time given an autoregressive model and stationarity is exponential.
Chapter 10
         Jay Thomas pointed out that on page 162, the McNemar test is missing parentheses around the 21 + 16.


Milman, E.  (2000).  Readings: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health, 15, 29.

Thomas, J.  (2000).  Personnel Psychology, 53, 1059-1062.

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