David A. Kenny
August 19, 2013

Longitudinal Studies

Powerpoints on various topics are available. You may view one powerpoint free of charge but if you two or more there is a small charge. Please let me know what other topics that you would like to see.

Topics (click on one to see the full list)


Study of the Causes of Change - Two Waves

Multiwave (Three or More Waves)

Cross-causal Models

General Topics

         Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Over-time Data (helpful to view before viewing other powerpoints)
         Regression toward the Mean  (view webinar)

Two-Wave Intervention Studies

Discussed are models with a single outcome measured at two times or a latent variable with indicators measured at two times with an intervention that causes change.  

Introduction (very important to view first)
         Change Score Analysis (includes Latent Change Score Analysis or LCA) 
         Standardized Change Score Analysis
         Controling for Baseline (Regression or Analysis of Covariance)


Multiwave Models (three or more time points)

Trait Models
         Equality of Means and Variances
         Autoregressive Models
         Growth Curve Models 
         TSO and STARTS Models 

Cross-causal Effects

Discussed are models in which variables are presumed to have lagged caual effects.  

Two-wave Two Variable Model or Cross-lagged Regressions
         Cross-lagged Panel Correlation 
         Time-reversed Analysis

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