October 29, 2014

Chapter 11


On pp. 302-303, "closeness" in a social network is defined as, "the sum of geodesics for each person with every possible partner in the network." Rather it should be defined as the reciprocal of the sum of the geodesics. I thank Dan Newman for this correction.

On pp. 313, Dario Nalis has noted several errors concerning the formulas for actor and partner effects. First and foremost, "indegree" and "outdegree" should be reversed. Second, it is desirable to have the mean of effects equal zero and so density should be multipled by k and not (k - 1)/(k - 2). Third, these formulas do not result in the same values as would be obtained using the formulas presented in Chapter 6 on page 197, but they would result in values that correlate perfectly with those values.


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