September 17, 2021


These pages are designed to help the reader of Dyadic Data Analysis.  Currently several of the pages are empty, but that should change soon.

Several of the typos have been corrected in the most recent printing.

What Is on These Pages?

To the left, there are links for each of the chapters in the book.  If you click on the link you will find the following information: Corrections, Clarifications, Elaborations, and Data and Files.


Avi Kluger and others have created R code to reproduce most of the analysies in this book Go to Kluger code and then click on R Code in the upper right-hand box. One can also download the programs at GitHub.

Buy the book (click on the link):
      From Guilford

You can search the book at the Guilford website. Click here.   (Look for "liver" and "monks"!)

Dave Kenny's website: Click here.

Reviews of the Book

To read a reviews of the book, just click on the following links.  Note the format of the document.

             Organizational Research Methods (pdf)
             American Statistician (pdf)
             IARR Newsletter
             American Journal of Evaluation
             Psyc Critiques (pdf)
             Journal of Personal and Social Relationships (pdf)
             Evans, D.C. (2007). A review of Dyadic Data Analysis by Kenny, Kashy, & Cook. Journal of Anthropological Research, 64 (sorry no pdf). .
             Reviews at Guilford Press site

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If you have a question, find an error, or want to just give us a compliment, send us an email at: Click here.


The Excel files should be used with caution.  The programs were written for personal use and they are shared for interested users.  Also syntax for various programs may no longer work when new versions are issued.  Please report any discrepancy to us.

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