June 7, 2021

Chapter 3


On page 64, the formula for dD, the 2 should be square root 2, not 2 without a square root. We thank Marc Glassman for alerting us to the error.

All of the errors below were pointed out to us by Avi Kluger, and we thank him for doing so.

On page 73, the value for rD is -.60, not .60.  Note too that to compute an effect size r for individuals, we correlate gender with the outcome using the individual dataset to obtain a value of -0.37 (not .49)

The formulas of pages 63 and 73 for adjusting dD for a within-dyads predictor are incorrect. One multiples dD by the square root of 2 times (1 - rI).


On pages 66 and 67, we mention "mixed-model ANOVA." These mixed models are not conventional multilevel models (see Chapter 4), which are sometimes also referred to "mixed models." By mixed models, we mean here that we have a between subjects (actually dyads) factor and a repeated measure (i.e., partner).


None so far.

Data and Files

There are four data files that can be downloaded. For the Klump et al. data you can download either the individual data set or the dyad data set, both SPSS "sav" files. You can also download a text file of the individual data. The data are in free format and contain PersonID, DyadID, Cohort, Total Score on the Eating Disorders Inventory, and Binge. Lastly, you can download the small data set in Table 3.5, an SPSS "sav" file.

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