December 7, 2011

Chapter 4


On page 91 line 13 of the first full paragraph, the 2.02 t value should be -2.02.  Later on this page, the p value for the last line of the paragraph is .004, not > .001.

On page 97, we say that within SAS one cannot force the error variance to equal zero.  It is possible though to use the "PARMS" command to force the error variance to a very small value, say 0.000001, which can accomplish the same purpose.  The syntax for this is contained below in the SAS syntax in Data and Files on this page.

On page 97, the two-intercept model with heterogeneous variances, the fixed effects include Culture, Contribution, and their interaction.  A more reasonable model would include sex as a fixed variable.  Thanks to Joseph Cappelleri for pointing out this other problems in this chapter.


A series of multi-modeling PowerPoints are available for download.  The plan is to turn these into webinars eventually.  There is a small charge for these PowerPoints.


None so far.

Data and Files

Files for SPSS:
Data in Table 4.3

Files for SAS:

Files for HLM5:
    HLM File
    Two Intercept Model

File for MLwiN:  Setup and Data

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