David A. Kenny
February 9, 2014


Below is the list of about 70 PowerPoints.  Most of the PowerPoint documents have the extension "ppt", but a few have the extension"pptx" Some of the links within the PowerPoints may not work and some of the PowerPoints are incomplete.

List of general topics (click on one to go to a list):
      Dyadic Data Analysis
           Standard Design
           One with Many Design
           Social Relations Model Designs
      Structural Equation Modeling
           Multiple Regression
           Measures of Fit
           Longitudinal Studies
      Multilevel Modeling
      Causal Mediation Analysis
      Moderation Analysis

Dyadic Data Analysis

General (4)

Basic Definitions in Dyadic Data

Nonindependence in Dyadic Data

Seven Deadly Sins of Dyadic Data Analysis

Restructuring Dyadic Data

Standard Dyadic Design (9)

Actor-Partner Interderdependence Model for the Standard Design


         Indistinguishable Dyads

              Using Multilevel Modeling

              Using Structural Equation Modeling

         Distinguishable Dyads

              Using Multilevel Modeling: Two Intercept Method (in development)

              Using Multilevel Modeling: Interaction Method

              Using Structural Equation Modeling

     Patterns of Actor and Partner Effects


         k for APIM Patterns

     Between- and Within-Dyads Outcomes

Test of Distinguishability

One-with-Many Design


Social Relations Model (7)



         Multiple Variables

         Estimation: Confirmatory Factor Analysis

         Steps in Doing an SRM Study

Multilevel Modeling (8)


       Nested Designs


       Repeated Measures Design

       Growth Curve Model

       Two Intercept Model

       Crossed Designs

       Other Topics

Structural Equation Modeling

Multiple Regression (3)


     Advanced Topics


Measures of Fit (3)


     Measures of Fit

     Factors Affecting Fit

Longitudinal Studies (17)

     Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Overtime Data

     Regression Towards the Mean

Study of Causes of Change in Two-wave Studies


     Change Score Analysis

     Standardized Change Score Analysis

     Control for Baseline



Multiwave (Three or More Waves) Models of of Change

     Trait Model

     Autoregressive Model

     Growth Curve Model

     STARTS and TSO Model


Cross-causal Models

     Two-wave Two Variable or Cross-lagged Regression Model

     Cross-lagged Panel Correlation

     Time-reversed Analysis


DataToText: An Introduction

Causal Mediation Analysis (13)

The Basics and Introduction

The Early History

The Four Steps Approach

The Indirect Effect

Tests of the Indirect Effect

Detailed Example


Solutions to Assumption Violation

Sensitivity Analyses

Multiple Variables

Power Considerations

PowMedR: An R Program to Compute Power for Mediation Analyses

The Causal Inference Approach

Moderation Analysis (4)

The Basics and Introduction




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