August 5, 2012

Chapter 6


On top of page 124, there is an error in the Williams modification of the Hoetelling test. In the denomiator, the last term is not multiplied by 2 and that term should be dropped. The proper formula is:

Hoetelling Test

Thanks to Sun Park for pointing out this error to us.


None so far.


None so far.

Data and Files

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   Page 122 Equal Variances

   Page 126 Equal Correlations

   Page 126 Equal Correlations and Variances

   Page 127 Equal Correlations, Different Reliabilities

   Page 129 Latent Variable Model

   Page 130 Omnibus Test of Indistguishability

   Page 139 Latent Variable with Indistguishability

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   Page 124 Hotelling Test with Williams Modification

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