March 22, 2013

Chapter 8


On page 206, the two formulas for the actor-partner covariances for the block design contain an error. The second term, the double summation term, should have a divisor of (n - 1)(m - 1).


None so far.


To read about how to use conventional software (SPSS, SAS, or Amos) to estimate the SRM click here. One can also download a paper that discusses such and had SPSS and SAS syntax at

On page 210, it is discussed how relationship effect estimates can be used to estimate API and other dyadic models. One can use the raw data to estimate dyadic models with relationship effects as described in this paper that can be downloaded.

Data and Files

   Table 8.4 Data, SOREMO Setup, and SOREMO Output

   Table 8.9 Data, BLOCKO Setup, and BLOCKO Output

   Table 8.9 Data, SOREMO Setup, and SOREMO Output

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