David A. Kenny
August 28, 2022

My Stuff

Pictures (click to view)

     Marina, my wife, and I (wedding picture 2023)
     One of our pets (See YouTube video of the peacock displaying: #1 and #2))
     Miss Ruby, Marina's Tennessee Walking Horse
     Stella Blue, our cat     

My Father and Grandmother
               yo solo
               my Uconn photo Go Huskies!
               My Brothers and I, taken in 2002 (Chris, Tim, Dave, Paul, Matt, and Tom)
               My Mom, my brother Tom, & I, taken in about 1948
               my advisor, Don Campbell, and I, taken about 1993
               Where Is Dave?
                        At a pousada in Obidos, Portugal, taken about 2005
                        Narrows in Zion National Park, Marina and I taken in 2009
                        Santorini, taken in 2006
                        Moraine Lake, Canada, taken in 2004
                        Rome Italy, taken in 2003
                        Zabrinski Point, Death Valley California, taken in 2009
                        Sommers Connecticut after a round of golf, taken around 2008

      the official beer of the homepage [not available in Storrs]

My Heroes

        Cesar Chavez - labor leader whom I met and worked for
        Donald T. Campbell - social scientist
        R. D. Laing - psychiatrist
        Nellie Fox - baseball player
        John Lennon - musician
        Ludwig van Beethoven - composer
        Murdered Maryknoll Nuns in El Salvador - martyrs

Find out about my appearance on ABC's 20/20.

Favorite Musical Quotes

      "Everyday the bucket goes to the well.  I say one day the bottom gonna drop out."  Bob Marley (I Shot the Sheriff)

      "There are few of those among us who know that life is just a joke."  Bob Dylan (All Along the Watchtower)

      "We had better not speak falsely now, as the hour is getting late."  Bob Dylan (All Along the Watchtower)

      "I guess that love is like a Christmas Card. You decorate a tree - you throw it in the yard."  John Prine (All the Best)

      "Man what are you doing here?"  Billy Joel (Piano Man)

      "Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye."  John Lennon (I Am the Walrus)

      "I need some distraction, oh beautiful release, memory seeps from my veins, let me be empty,and weightless and maybe I'll find some peace tonight."  Sarah McLaughlin (Angel)

     "Half of what I say is meaningless."  John Lennon (Julia)

     "You'd better get yourself together; pretty soon you gonna be dead."  John Lennon (Instant Karma!)

      "To justify our bloody deeds to satisfy our endless needs in the name of destiny,in the name of God."  Eagles (The Last Resort)

      "Don't criticize what you don't understand."  Bob Dylan  (The Times They Are a Changing)

     "The more I know, the less I understand.  All the things I thought I knew I'm learning again."  Don Henley (Heart of the Matter)

Frivolous Things I Have Written

     My humor columns from Relationships Newsletters

     My Twitter Posts

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