David A. Kenny
March 22, 2021

Interpersonal Perception

This page serves as a gate to a tutorial on the topic of Interpersonal Perception.   Most of the content is taken from my 2020 book Interpersonal Perception: The Foundation of Social Relationships, and recent research on these topics. The book is a complete revision of my 1994 book Interpersonal Perception: A Social Relations Analysis. I would ask you not to cite any of the web pages in this tutortial but instead cite the 2020 book or the original source.

I suggest to begin with Nine Basic Questions .  All of these pages are currently being revised and updated.   I thank you for your patience and am hoping these pages will be completed by April 15.

Nine Basic Questions


Social Relations Model


Acquaintance and Traits



First Impressions



The PERSON Model




Reciprocity and Assumed Reciprocity

Target Accuracy


Assumed Similarity


Self-Other Agreement

Self-Perception: Other Topics


Metaperception & Meta-accuracy

Individual Differences in Accuracy


To learn more about my 2020 book on interpersonal perception.

The Interpersonal Perception Wikipedia Page. This page needs updating! Why don't you do it?

These pages were originally designed by Matt Beloin in 2002 for the 1994 book. They were modified by David A. Kenny starting in 2016. Katherine Kenny assisted in creating graphics.

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