David A. Kenny
May 12, 2016

Interpersonal Perception

This page serves as a gate to a tutorial on the topic of Interpersonal Perception.  They are short summaries of complex issues.  The serious student is encouraged to read papers to understand and criticize these ideas. To begin start with Nine Basic Questions .  All of these pages are being revised in the summer of 2016.  Several pages are under construction.  I thank you for your patience.

Nine Basic Questions


Social Relations Model


Acquaintance and Traits



First Impressions
Under Construction





Reciprocity and
Assumed Reciprocity


Target Accuracy



Assumed Similarity


Self-Other Agreement

and Self-Accuracy


Individual Differences
in Accuracy
Under Construction

The Final Word
Under Construction


To learn more about my book on interpersonal perception.
To learn about the Social Relations Model.
To learn about PERSOC, a group of researchers very interesting in interpersonal perception.
To examine another site that focuses on interpersonal perception The assessment of personality traits and pathology
(Oltmanns and Turkheimer).
Wikipedia Page (needs updating, why don't you do it?)

These pages were originally designed by Matt Beloin in 2002. They were modified by David A. Kenny in 2016.

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